Her heART survived!


Flames encircled her home, but they left her (he)ART in tact.

We began filming Ann on 9 August 2018. Sometimes taking longer than we anticipate, our creations know their own birthday … and wait for reasons only they understand. Three months (to the day) later, on 9 November 2018, fire burned through our beautiful Malibu, claiming homes, landscape, life and livelihood. Living in Malibu Park, the epicenter of the fire, flames surrounded Ann’s home … and her bright and brilliant sculptures … but, recognizing the same passionate flame that created them, the fire left them alone. Decorating the ashen landscape with the rainbow of color and the energy of hope, Ann’s art inspires Malibu as we rebuild our heARTs too. Soon, her IBULIEVE will too! … Watch this space!

Nature's Flute


Playing for Pelicans

It was a magical night on Lechusa Beach in Malibu as we began filming Catherine Malcolm Brickman.  As the drone and camera circled her seated on a magical rock playing her flute, the pelicans dove in the water against the setting sun. 

Harp Horizon


With the 'sound' of the hull, the strings and knots of life's most beautiful instrument, the boat became a harp unto the ocean.

Earth Harp on the Horizon, William Close hosted us today on an expedition to understand his connection with the Earth Harp ... the music of nature.  It was a magical day in Marina Del Rey.  Joining William and his gorgeous son for an afternoon on the water, the wind was in our sails, drone was up and camera in hand as we ventured out on the waters for sunset.