Do you BUlieve? I BU.

Share your I BUlieve with our community and inspire others to BUlieve too.


Guidelines for submission are simple:


(1) Record

Use your phone, camera, computer or whatever means suits your style to capture your "I BUlieve" on video.  Film yourself telling us what you "BUlieve" in a sentence or two that most summarizes you.  Begin each with the phrase, "I BUlieve ... ". 

(Maximum 30 seconds)

(2) Submit

Once you are happy with your contribution, be sure to save your "I BUlieve" in a format that can be viewed in our online social forums and either submit it directly to our Facebook page or email us here.


(3) Share

Once reviewed and approved, we will publish your "I BUlieve" on our online platforms, social networking forums and/or websites where we will be growing our inspiring community.


We reserve the right not to publish submissions for any reason.  By submitting your "IBULieve", you are permitting us to publish and reproduce your work (in part or in its entirety) on our online platforms, websites and social networking forums.  Our intention is simply to inspire others through your voluntary sharing.  No compensation will be afforded to you or claimable by you for your submission now or in the future. 

Join the movement