Borne out of experience, our beliefs frame our existence.
— Alison Pothier

EPISODE 4: Ann Krasner

“I BUlieve in excellence, not as a measure of success, but rather as an expression of boundless possibility”

"B.U. On your Canvas"

Artist, Ann Krasner has achieved world recognition for her paintings, sculptures and ceramics.  Inspired by music, she paints over words and musical notes while drenched in the sound of the piano played by her equally talented son.

Born in Moscow, Ann emigrated to the United States as a political refugee.  A mathematician by background, when the paintbrush discovered Ann, it opened up a whole new world. More than 4000 pieces of original oil paintings, sculptures in bronze, ceramic and mixed media are in private and public collections around the world.

Ann's whimsical style and character deliver a smile to every space and individual passing through.  She brings color to her world, BUlieving that the best way to enlighten the world is to brighten the world.  

EPISODE 3: Deepak Ramapriyan

I BUlieve in the uniqueness of the violin as one of the closest instruments to the human voice. With strings extending from your mouth, it sings out the melody for you.

"B.U. in your music"

A supremely talented multi-instrumentalist, Deepak Ramapriyan is a force of nature.  Singing barefoot whilst switching between violin and guitar mesmerizes the eyes and ears. 

A native of the East Coast, Deepak's music is rooted in his beginnings.  Playing violin and training his voice through the influences of both Western and Indian cultural traditions, from the earliest of ages his sound was authentic and deeply resonant of his wide-ranging roots in the world.  An accomplished artist, by university, he was president of the acapella club.

A naturally gifted athlete and deeply spiritual soul with an acute mathematical mind, Deepak now lives in Malibu performing and recording with his band Robot Nature.  Teaching music as a way of life, he is living his dream.

EPISODE 2: Catherine Malcolm Brickman

I BUlieve deeply in the arts. Having grown up in a house filled with it, surrounded by family and friends who created and patronized it, we consumed it like the sweet persimmons of fall that one has to wait for before eating or it makes you pucker.

"B.U. in the Arts"

Current Chair of The Malibu Arts Commission, Catherine Malcolm Brickman is a champion of the arts.  Multi-talented, she has been a concert flutist, documentary filmmaker and photographer ... to name a few.  Credited for bringing local and far-reaching arts projects into fruition, her authenticity and passion shines brightest of all.

The creator and heart behind Malibu’s cherished, Concert on the Bluffs, Catherine's inspired idea connected art with community. Through conscious collaboration, the event brought to Bluffs Park the LA Philharmonic, New York City Ballet, poetry, people and picnics. 

Catherine was Co-Founder of the Atlantic Film Festival and Organizer for the International Film Festivals of Vancouver, San Francisco and Sundance.  Career highlights also included being commissioned by the Prime Minister of Canada for the command performance of the World Leader's Conference, opening GM Place Stadium, the Denver Pepsi Arena and other such large scale arenas and events.

Episode 1: Shoshana Kuttner

I BUlieve in the power of healing through the art form of acting and that our emotional backstories can be healed through the roles we play on the stage.

"B.U. on YOUR stage"

Treading the boards her whole life, wowing audiences with performances as far ranging as Shakespeare’s plays to the titular role of Joan of Arc, Shoshana Kuttner is an actor ... and founder of the Young Actors Project.  Generously sharing her passion for and belief in the healing power of acting, she co-founded the inspiring non-profit youth organization in 2006.  Shoshana has produced, directed and sound-designed an astonishing fifty theatrical productions since its inception.

A graduate in drama and dance from San Francisco State University with an advanced certificate in classical theater from Oxford University in the United Kingdom, Shoshana has deep-dived into the study of acting as a conduit to healing our emotional vulnerabilities. Through the Young Actors Project, she helps children and young adults reconcile anxiety, fear and stifled self-expression through acting in film and on stage.  Her passion is to help each find their voice and arrive into their lives confident, empowered and fully expressed.

Coming Soon: William Close

I BUlieve my instruments resonate a space and the people in that space. The giant harps use that resonance and architecture to create an instrument that exists from within.

"B.U. in your SOUND"

Visionary musician William Close is the founder and creator of The Earth Harp, the longest musical instrument in the world.  By rubbing violin rosin gloves along tethered strings (sometimes thousands of feet long), William captivates audiences around the world with the sound of the earth.

A native of New York, William descended from a long line of sailors.  In his childhood, he came to the awareness that his family’s sailboats were natural musical instruments.  The sound of the rigging, lanyards and whipping sails all resonated their song through the hull of the boat.  Over time William began to build numerous instruments, as he fine-tuned his vision for composing extraordinary music.  He has strung and played his Earth Harps in extreme and varied locations such as Rome’s Colosseum, Seattle’s Space Needle ... and Malibu's canyons.