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Sometimes the opportunity to participate in the causes we BUlieve in comes in the form of investment. Self-funded, our passion projects fall subject to pace and priority. Balancing our financial commitments with our freedom to commit finances to our dreams and visions, we adjust scope, scale and delivery according to the availability of our personal resources.

With the help of sponsors, donors and patrons, we can grow our impact exponentially … and make our dreams our priority.

(1) Donate*

Fueling the engine is as valuable as arriving at the destination.

Your contribution, no matter its size, helps us to harvest the resources needed to capture, produce and distribute our stories.

(2) Sponsor*

Empower success by investing in the journey to it.

Whether sponsoring an episode, a series or the cause, sponsorship is an investment in the whole story. For more information, contact us on the below link.

Sponsorship / episode: $5,000

(3) Patron*

Join us for the journey, expand its impact … deliver the dream.

As a patron, your investment in IBULIEVE will help us to broadly expand our message … and its impact.

If you are an interested commercial or private investor, please contact us directly.

About your investment

Online donations may be made via Paypal at “Paypal.Me/IBULIEVE”, credited to: Inside Out Retreats LLC t/a 21 Mile Films.

Contact Us for information on how you can contribute directly or via our non-profit sponsor, Creative Visions.

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