Do you believe in you? ... I BU.


Everyone believes in something.  What we believe in carries an energy all of its own ... a philosophy that creates and frames our life.  It is a personal thing garnering a personal response to which others can personally respond.  After all, life believes what we believe life to be, so what is it that you believe? ... And do you believe in you?

Write your story. Dream your dream. Be You. Believe.


Jules Williams and Alison Pothier



Filmed, Directed and Produced by 21 Mile Films in Malibu, this short-form docuseries is the collaboration of husband and wife team, Jules Williams and Alison Pothier.

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Do you I BU?  If you do, then you too can inspire others.  Submit your "I BUlieve" and encourage others to their own.  

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Watch how an extraordinary life is framed by one's extraordinary life beliefs.  Let these short-form stories inspire you to your own "I Bulieve".

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BUlieve it. BUcome itBUbody it. Wear it on your sleeve ... BUlieve.   

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