We BUlieve

"... in the wisdom of the precise journey of every soul."



Writer, Director, Producer, Coach, Intuitive ... StorytellerJules Williams has long envisioned this inspirational series. 

First conceived by him in 1992 under the name "I Believe", Jules wanted to create a series about how our lives get framed by our experiences and the beliefs that are borne out of those experiences.  From our aspirations to the significant events that impact us, Jules envisioned encapsulating the inspirational life philosophies that are derived from living it.  Jules called this our "I Believe" ... a statement of the beliefs that derive from our life story expressed through poetic prose. 

I believe in the story ... the emotionally intelligent, cellular resonance of one’s story ... every word, line and leaf of what grew you.
— Jules Williams

Twenty-five years and two countries later, now readied by his own colorful life experience, Jules, together with his beloved wife Alison, launch "I BUlieve" adding one key ingredient to the mix ... the desire to Be You ("BU") in the world. Recognizing that our lives are not only a reflection of our beliefs, but also the acceptance and celebration of our authenticity, I BUlieve invites you to "B and Believe in U."

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Coach, Writer, Intuitive, Filmmaker ... Dreamer, Alison Pothier has long envisioned helping others to write, rewrite and express their stories and authentic selves in the world.

I believe in dreams ... in the dreamer of dreams ... and in their courage to make those very dreams their reality.
— Alison Pothier

Previously a Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director in investment banking, Alison has long worked in the business of Futures and Options.  Only now, she works on helping others to redesign and refine their options for the future they dream to experience in this lifetime.

As Director of Inside Out Retreats, Alison provides coaching, retreats and consulting to professional and private clients wishing to transform their worlds ... "from the inside out".  Through her many endeavors, Alison's passion is to help others to write and rewrite the stories that shape their worlds.

Sharing her own story, Alison was featured in the documentary "ChoicePoint" alongside world leading thinkers and visionaries including Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbard and others.

Collaborating to inspire, Alison films, produces and edits "I BUlieve" alongside her beloved husband. 

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